* Shocking!

I was doing yard work yesterday and decided to speed up the process. As I clipped the tops off the overgrown hedges, I’d reach for the cut portion and toss it into a neat pile.

Unfortunately, I managed to grab the branch, snip the cord to the clippers, and nearly cut off the top of a finger in the process.

After a few hours in the ER for an EKG, x rays, and stitches, I reconsidered my ‘time-saving’ plan. I have a whole new level of respect for the wallop of electricity in those cords!

10 thoughts on “* Shocking!

  1. SO glad you are SAFE!! BTW the bush looks great! Things that happen like this are behind all the nifty inventions that come out to make life better….that, and of course, necessity. Heal fast!

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    • Thanks, Jean! I am feeling much better today. I am going to abandon my ‘timesaving’ method and just collect the pieces after I’m done, unless you can invent an alternative really fast!


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