* Sci-fi thoughts (1)

These are really my dearest teaching widower’s ruminations on flashlights, but he hasn’t copyrighted them, so here goes. As movie aficionados, we both see plenty of sci-fi movies where the actors venture into a scary scenario, somewhere dark and cave-like. It could be another planet or another century. What do theses scenes all have in common? Pitiful flashlights that only allow a sliver of illumination, despite having access to time machines or body shifting or whatever.

When we were at the beach, my widower pointed out the above “sci-fi” scene.

I had never even thought about it until our trip this week, but he’s right! For some reason, flashlight technology remains the same across universes and time travel and warp speeds. Crazy, right? But this tech glitch keeps us on the edge of our seats, knowing there is an alien just ready to jump out of the darkness. Perhaps it’s for the best if filmmakers don’t worry about these antique light sources….

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