* Lines in the sand

My Ten Things of Thankful does not include the typical “back to school” nightmares I’ve had for 49 years now, but a certain level of anxiety improves performance, right? To continue:

  • We were not t-boned as I ran a stop sign on our way back from the beach. I am SO grateful that we raced through unharmed and that my dearest teaching widower had sort of dozed off, so he didn’t shriek.
  • We had a great time on vacation, with lots of prayer walks and opportunities to admire sand sculptures.
I may use this as my profile pic somewhere!
  • We faced an ant invasion of incredible proportions upon our return. When my dearest teaching widower offered to get me some guacamole and chips, he said an ant had launched itself onto the guac, leaving me a special message!
  • Another surprise was waiting for us yesterday: a broken hot water heater. Amazingly, it was replaced today! Yay! Water is back on! Laundry is done!
  • We were greatly missed by the deer who constantly stream through our neighborhood and yard. (This squad was across the street, having finished off anything of value in our yard.)
  • Thanks to the deer, I’ve coined a new term for where we live: neighborhooF!
  • Many thanks to Eva for her tip on rolling up clothes to conserve space. Everything was fine when unrolled! Wow! (Check out her website for the fabulous books she’s written!)
  • Oh yeah, back to the sand. I noticed that many of the creative efforts were an ill-fated attempt to stop or channel waves. Kids and adults alike spent hours digging trenches and moats. I could have told them resistance was futile….
  • I’m enjoying my new iPhone 10XR a great deal, probably to the point of obsession.
  • I got to play with a student today, thoroughly enjoying our laughter and games! What a sweet family!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope to blog more regularly but we’ll see….

12 thoughts on “* Lines in the sand

  1. Oh, yikes! I’m so glad you weren’t in an accident. Neither the near-miss, ants, nor the water heater could ruin your wonderful vacation! I hope the nightmares end soon with the starting of the school year.

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  2. Totally need to get on a beach. (Though, for work, I showed a house on a salt pond but I was dressed up and working…)
    Good to have mechanicals working and not and secondary water damage.
    Hey! Those look like the deer family in our woods… they do get around.
    Have a great week!

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  3. Escaping those near misses really gets one’s attention. Glad you are okay.
    I love the name neighborhooF. We have a lot of those same critters roaming our property.
    Rolled up clothes in suitcases seems to get rid of a lot of that extra air taking up space.
    It is always good news when something broken can be quickly repaired or replaced, and nice to have the hot water available.

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