* I can’t remember

#Weekendcoffeeshare is a group I joined a month ago but I still haven’t posted with them once! Why not?

  1. I don’t drink coffee
  2. My writing stinks
  3. My junk room decluttering is taking a LONG time
  4. We took a trip to Florida
  5. I started and deleted Housescapes after wasting many hours
  6. Ditto Solitaire
  7. I’m reading books to make sure I want to share them with kiddos
  8. I didn’t remember?

Wait a minute. Is there a rumor circulating that I need ‘memory care?’ I got this image from the linky-link page. How rude!

Of course I remembered this group. And that thingy you use to get the stuff out of the whatchamacallit. Wait, I left it somewhere. It’s probably with my phone. Have you seen my phone anywhere?

* Enter at your own risk

Only crime scene tape would be a less hospitable greeting for our houseguests, who had to step around boxes and bins of teaching supplies before dropping their suitcases upstairs. I’m actually quite proud of this mess, which only partially captures the efforts I’m making to offload teaching supplies.

It is now possible to see about a fifth of the floor in our junk room, not that you’d want to. I had the same problem in every classroom I’ve used. And every summer I would vow to clear the decks before the students returned. I would go into school, along with the custodial staff who were waxing floors, and get nothing much accomplished. I could blame the freshly applied gym floor varnish for wonking my brain. Or the ammonia used to strip wax. Or the mold.

Hmm…. Is it crazy that I still have the same goal: clear out the junk before school starts?