* digging for gold (ten things of thankful)

I have been a terribly sporadic visitor to the Ten Things of Thankful blog, but every time I go, I’m rewarded by the words, photos, and humor from such encouraging folks. It’s a great place to share gems of thankfulness.

Gem #1: My dearest teaching widower remains at the top of my list. His tech skills are sometimes clumsy but always endearing. I got him a Fitbit for his birthday and it’s already destroyed! I think his inner distrust of all things tech has created some kind of deadly force field. He’s a powerhouse when searching the web, though! (See #4.)

Gem #2: The patient families of the kiddos I teach, who must wonder if my body is falling apart. Yes, it is.

Gem #3: The Bible in One Year 2019 devotional by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. They are an amazing couple, perhaps best known for developing Alpha courses. OK, I am now 42 days behind in reading, but onward, ever onward!

Gem #4: Thanks to Cee’s inspiration and support, I have a REAL camera! It was a delightful Christmas present, heavily-researched by my dearest widower (see #1). I haven’t used it much but I look forward to the day….

Gem #5: Cadbury’s milk chocolate, which remains sweet and silky and mood-changing.

Gem #6: Faithful followers of my blog, despite my erratic posting. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Gem #7: Suzie’s kind support and encouragement. Check out her amazing blog (Suzie Speaks), her cat’s bottom, and her new job!

Gem #8: My own Fitbit, a birthday present from my fam. Fitbit and I love each other. It purrs on my wrist. It cheers me on, even as I feel like body parts will soon start dropping off.

Gem #9: Amazon Prime wardrobe, which means I never have to expose my feet to strangers again. No one fainting in horror at a shoe store.

Gem #10: A physical therapist who reminded me to be thankful I have feet (even if you can find them by googling “ugliest feet in the world”). That PT works with folks who have prosthetic feet and they would give anything for my ugly feet.

Freebie: Don’t search for ugliest feet in the world.

12 thoughts on “* digging for gold (ten things of thankful)

  1. Hey, good to ‘see’ you here at the TToT again… it is an interesting place to hangout at…good thing, that getting a new camera… (I enjoy the one in my phone and, because of them being digital, I can employ my favorite approach to photographing… take as many as possible and hope to get lucky.
    lol #2. am feeling the effects of my yard work yesterday, but normal sore muscle aches are ok and a price I’m willing to pay for the chance to slow the effects of un-exercise.
    Have a good week.

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  2. We’re always glad to have you join the TToT! This blog hop is a no-guilt hop, so whenever you can join in is great!

    I have a Fitbit, too, but don’t use it to its full potential. I do love the “party on my arm” whenever I get all my steps in in a day, though!

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  3. It is great seeing you linking up at TToT. Reading your post is so entertaining and brought laughter and smiles from me. Thanks for the link to Suzie’s site. I need to go back and read some of her posts.
    Thanks for the freebie. LOL

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    • You’re so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement. Suzie is soooo organized and efficient. It always inspires me to see how I could get myself like that and I never feel guilty for continuing in my scattered ways.


  4. I was a TToT host for YEARS, and I’ve been terrible about participating in ages! But I’m trying to get back on track with posting. How does one destroy a Fitbit? One of my kittens is hellbent on destroying the charger for mine (and mine was a hand-me-down from my daughter, who upgraded).

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