* Puppets galore!

Check out this awesome nonprofit organization, Puppet Show Inc. Founded by Kathie Guild, long-time guidance counselor and puppeteer extraordinaire, Puppet Show provides a wealth of opportunities for social-emotional learning, creativity, puppet creation, and family interactions. In fact, these are the kinds of activities promoted by Katherine Reynolds Lewis in her book, “The Good News About Bad Behavior.” Spending quality family time is key to improving behavior. Consider this kind of engaging community event instead of screen time. If you live in Orange, Durham, or Chatham counties in North Carolina, you won’t want to miss out on a performance.

Cilick here to watch a short video of kids enjoying shows and creating take-home puppets

Puppet Show is special for many reasons, one being that it provides free, unique opportunities for kids in communities who are typically don’t have access to performances with such strong social learning and literacy.

As a board member of this nonprofit and a long-time teacher of social skills and literacy, I can guarantee that this is a worthwhile endeavor reaching hundreds of children each year!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates .5% to Puppet Show Incorporated!

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