* Get a flu shot?

It’s too late for me to change my mind, and my doctor is convinced this was the right decision, but I wish I hadn’t gotten a flu shot. I’ve had flu shots regularly for years and they almost always make me sick. And I still get the flu. Last year, H2N3 leveled me for a couple of months.

This time, my reaction to the shot was unusual. First, I was sort of manic and lost my already-thin social cognition. I laughed wildly about very personal topics with two receptionists at a radiology clinic. I also went shopping for school stuff after that, which could have been a financial disaster. Thankfully, a growing sense of fatigue cut my journey short. When I got home, I told my dearest teaching widower that I felt odd and he nodded kindly. Of course.

By that afternoon, I had severe chills and went to bed. My widower covered me in layers of down comforters and fetched a heating pad. I could not feel any warmth from the pad, even on its highest setting. I insisted that it was broken, but he put his hand under the covers and said, “No! It’s very hot!”

Of course, I was burning hot when I woke the next day and could not cool down. I felt feverish and achy. That evening, I started itching and felt like I’d been nibbled all over by ticks. After a few doses of Benadryl, I finally slept. I’m still itchy but overall, this wasn’t the worst experience I’ve had with the flu shot. Still….

This won’t hurt a bit!

What do you think? Are flu shots worth it? Have you experienced strange side effects or am I just weird? Maybe you shouldn’t answer that.

8 thoughts on “* Get a flu shot?

  1. people can die from the flu. Plus I get the flu shot to lessen the chances of passing the flu on to those with weakened immune systems—fragile children I’m working with, my grand kids, my elderly in-laws etc. If your doctor recommends it, just do it. Same with all vaccines.

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    • Thanks, Ruth. I hadn’t looked at it that way. I do work with a fragile kid and I got the flu last year from him! And he caught it from an adult who probably wasn’t vaccinated.


  2. Sorry you’ve had all the problems with the flu shot. I’ve only started getting them about 3 years ago, and the only thing I had was a sore arm & redness for a few days. I still think it’s a good idea though. Hope you don’t have any further problems, or catch the flue again this time.

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  3. Of course, you know I’ll say something…lol. We sluff off skin cells every day and everywhere we go. This is the same when we get flu shots. If it is a live virus that’s injected (and that happens even when they say it’s not), then you are sluffing off cells with the flu in them, or any other vaccination you’ve had and spreading them on things/people you touch. The problem with vaccinations is the adjuvant(s) that are added to them such as aluminum, mercury, diseased mouse brains, fetus tissue, etc. As Robert Kennedy Jr. recently said in a speech to Congress, he got 3 vaccinations as a child and now children get 16. He said, “I have six kids. I had eleven brothers and sisters. I had over fifty cousins. I didn’t know a single person with a peanut allergy. Why do all my kids have food allergies? Because they were born after 1989.” Read more of his speech. I have six kids. I had eleven brothers and sisters. I had over fifty cousins. I didn’t know a single person with a peanut allergy. Why do all my kids have food allergies? Because they were born after 1989. Read more here: https://bolenreport.com/robert-f-kennedy-jr-nails-the-vaccine-argument/?fbclid=IwAR2POvGA5vICJBxkORhrfbfFefJSlUy2pGSc-FHoU3vonKgarPqL3-4C9Eg So, after all this, I have heard for those who HAVE to get the flu shot, they should consider taking Activated Charcoal that binds to the toxins which are then removed from your system.


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