* Mighty Slow Florence

We knew that Hurricane Florence was huge before she arrived, but her 5 mph speed is a nightmare for the coastal and sandhill regions of North Carolina.  Some areas have been drenched with two feet of water and the worst is yet to come, as rivers continue to surge over their banks.  We are so fortunate to be north of the hardest-hit areas (see blue dot below).  The current band of tropical rain has put us back in a flood advisory, but I’m more concerned about our pine trees with their shallow root systems in this saturated soil.

Florence 3

My dearest teaching widower just showed me a clip that urged safety for North Carolinians who have lost their power- because someone doesn’t want to go to a bunch of baby showers!  I think we are safe on that front, at least.

7 thoughts on “* Mighty Slow Florence

  1. Florence has yet to get here to the high country, The rain i predicted to start here about 10pm tonight and continue into Monday, with the winds generally under 20mph. Flooding is not a big issue here (down the mountain in Franklin might be a different story), but landslides can be. Stay safe and keep your feet dry.

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding. Our house is undergoing repairs unrelated to the hurricane! Apart from local flooding in low lying areas, we did well. So much rain!! Wow. But it’s sunny again and drying out. Thanks for asking.


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