* Google Duo

Long distance learning just got a lot easier with Google Duo.  It’s been around for a couple of years, but my student with an Android phone can now chat and work face-to-face with my iPhone or iPad.  Google Duo, an app similar to Facetime, connects seamlessly between our devices.

Why use Google Duo instead of Hangouts?  In my sample of one, I’ve found that the Duo connection is clearer and not subject to the freezes and glitchiness of Hangouts when broadband width is sketchy.  Google Hangouts allows for screen sharing, but my ingenious student can not only show me his work, but also reveal where I am “sitting.”  Enjoying his first phone, this kiddo relishes every opportunity to show off its awesome features. I would rather have seen his Quizlet score, but hey, that came next.

Google Duo

You can see the definition is sharp, revealing my bedhead and makeup-less face.  Oh well, we were having too much fun with gadgets to notice!

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