* Lose that control

“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.”  — Mario Andretti

Take advantage of all available moments to breathe curiosity into your kiddos.  Match activities to their interests.  Create new interests.  Let them go wild!  Go wild with them!

dancing kiddos

my dancing kiddos

I think one of the most inhibiting and frightening factors for teachers is fear of “losing control.”  The truth is that we do not have any control.  Each student will make choices and you cannot control those decisions.  We have love, acceptance, affirmation, modeling, structure, curiosity, passion, consequences, and joy.  We can control how we respond to every choice around us.  And in that environment, kids will thrive.  They will not be robots nor will they be crazed.  They will dance and delight in learning.

As you prepare for the next school year, determine that you will aim much higher than “having control.”  Paradoxically, unless you you do have sufficient love and skills and structure to manage a class, your group will appear quite out of control.  Embrace their choices and draw them into your dance.

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