* Ten things of thankful

Thank you so much, sweet Josie, for hosting this weekly reminder to share thankfulness.  In my case, it’s more annually, but perhaps I shall get back on track with blogging again!

  1. Today is my sister’s birthday and I am so thankful for her!  She’s got a heart of gold!  I love her!Feb 1954 Karen in Alaska
  2.  Speaking of her heart of gold, the kiddos return this week for a summer in North Carolina!  We will have a special movie night on Tuesday!  Woohoo!
  3.  I finished all my online classes, despite the flu and eardrum and sinuses and everything.  Now I am on to my microcredentials.  More on that in my next post.
  4.  I think there will be another post!  Yes!
  5.  I was SO sick and SO weak for almost 3 months that all I could do was waste away and drag myself to a couple of schools.  But once I got there, I was absolutely energized by my students.  (And yes, then I dragged myself home and fell on the couch, but those days are OVER!)
  6.  The parents of my kiddos are THE best.  Patient, loving, encouraging, funny, dedicated to their kids to the nth degree!  I am GRATEFUL for their never-ending support.
  7.  What would the world of writing be like without exclamation points?!?  I am hopeful (and grateful) that you can hear my enthusiasm!
  8.  I am grateful that my energy levels and wildness fall just short of ADHD and mania!
  9.  What would this blog be without my faithful followers?  Thank you for reading and waiting and waiting and waiting!
  10.  I got a new bible this week, reverting to paper again so I can search and scribble and highlight and weep for joy.  I do all my other reading in digital form, but I could never find my spiritual home online.
  11.  This one is for clarkscottroger, a clever man with one of the most unique ways of seeing himself and the world.  If you like ingenious and funny, his blog, the Wakefield Doctrine, is for you!

10 thoughts on “* Ten things of thankful

  1. Good to ‘see’ you again here at the TToT.

    (Please pass along birthday wishes to your sister from the Doctrine)

    #3 & 4: you definitely need to follow up so that we can learn the nature of ‘microcredentials‘ love the word, (surely originates in the Land of Extra Credit Questions).

    or…. or! parenthesiseses…. without those little ‘no-wait!-this-will-make-sense-we-promise’ bits of punctuation, I would totally be out of business. (no, really).

    the energy thing (in your list) is such a perfect trap for so many. I mean, lacking energy, exactly how is one to muster the…. well, from the sounds of it you have that semi-mystical personal quality, ‘Will’, to not be tied down on the ground permanently.

    thank you for the kind words, it is this place, this blogosphere, that offers the opportunity for many of those like us to come into contact with others like us.

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    • I just can’t be as deep as you but I appreciate your thoughtful comments. You have such an interesting brain!!!! I guess you were born with it, but I’d bet you have cultivated your gifts as well. And it is wonderful to be back online!


    • Thank you!! I am really grateful. But as much as I told myself I’d never forget how bad I felt, because I want to stay grateful, the misery of that time has slipped away. I guess that’s a good thing, too.


  2. Oh Katharine, thank you and bless you for your sweet birthday post! I LOVE YOU!! (Hey, let’s try that again with more exclamation point enthusiasm): I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I agree that the parents of children who are in special education classes are “THE best,” and so are the teachers and specialists who tackle the challenges of teaching, calming, encouraging, etc. all those kids. It is not an easy job.
    I’ve struggled a bit with whether I like the paper version or the online version of scriptures, but have settled into the online version, because I do have the option of highlighting and taking notes in my app, and more importantly am able to enlarge the print.
    Glad to see you here at TToT.

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    • I’m glad you are able to make the online version work. I could also highlight but the feverish searching for a particular scripture just drove me nuts online.
      I’m grateful that Jesus made me a teacher! ❤️


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