* Banana mania

Color Your World: Banana Mania

I think I’ve shared some version of this Spirit Day before.  We were participating in Camp Wonderopolis’ mega-construction mania.  What fun!  Except that the plastic banana mania hats created a mini-sauna and were bearable for about 2 minutes.

banana mania YM

7 thoughts on “* Banana mania

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  2. I am looking forward reading more articles. It really does offer a wealth of information and encouragement for those parents/legal guardians with children with delay developmental disabilities. I have a 17-year old son with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and it’s very challenging, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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    • Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. You’ve come a long way in 17 years, I am sure. The “field” has really changed a lot during that time. Must have been very confusing at times, trying to sort out who had the best advice. As the parent, I think you would know your son better than anyone.


      • I agree with you, it’s been ever so challenging these past 17-years of my son’s life. Now he’s turning 18 this June, and time does sure fly by. That’s why I decided to work on a PhD in education, so I could help and educate other families with special needs, it’s so ever rewarding. You’re doing an amazing job, which will help so many families out there. Again, keep up the great work.

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