* The sweetest man

Color Your World: Indigo

My dearest teaching widower!  Wait.  No, he’s not indigo.  The wall was painted indigo, but color me in love.  After my widower had quintuple bypass surgery and 2 heart attacks, they said he’d be dead in 2 years.  That was 2011 and here we are.  Color us both delighted that the doctors were wrong, that God had other plans for us.  Sadly, this sweet man was sick during our entire trip to WIlliamsburg and is still coughing up a storm.  On the other hand, he missed my collision with a dumpster in our rental car.  But if he had been there, he definitely would have warned me.

MArk and me indigo.JPG

I think it might have gone like this:

Dearest Widower:  Be careful, Katharine.  You’re close to that dumpster.

Me:  What?

DW:  You’re getting too close to the dumpster.

Me:  Where is that guy we passed?  I don’t want to hit him.

DW:  You’re going to hit that dumpster!

Me:  What?



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