* How shocking!

Color Your World: Shocking Pink

Any teacher worth her salt knows exactly on which DAY all the holidays will fall.  There are only two good days for Halloween, Friday and Saturday.  It’s not the sugar from eating ginormous bags of sticky treats but the late night prowling that makes kids so grouchy on November 1.  What does a bedtime matter on Halloween?  Ask a teacher….

I do love to watch the negotiations for favorite candies.  You could probably use those wheelings-and-dealings as personality inventories.  Who’s the manipulator?  (“I’ll be your friend/I won’t be your friend if….”)  The empathic soul?  Or is it a people-pleaser? (“Here, you can have all the Nerds cuz they’re you’re favorites.”)

The lights on this house are shockingly pink, not orange.  That’s just plain weird.

shocking Halloween

That’s me, on the right.  Long night.  Dreading the next day.


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