* No guns at school

Color Your World: Mahogany

The world has changed since I first started teaching.  Then, I would not have blinked had a kid brought a toy gun for show and tell.  (Yes, I am THAT old.)  Now we need cameras and police officers to protect our kiddos and teachers from harm.  How sad.

On the other hand, if you take a field trip to Colonial Williamsburg, the entrance to the governor’s palace is loaded with guns and swords  The idea was to intimidate folks.  It didn’t work.  The last royal governor beat a hasty retreat to Bermuda.  This is not the original wood because the palace burned down in 1781.  The seat of government had moved to Richmond and the building was used as a hospital before it was destroyed by “a malicious person.”

Mahogany 2

I took a trillion photos on our trip to VA.  Hope you don’t get sick of hearing about Williamsburg!  I know my family was ready to shoot me (haha).

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