* Picture thankfulness

I decide to post my Ten Things of Thankful in photos this week.  Thanks, Josie, for hosting this blogging challenge!roof work

spider 2.JPG

“O, what tangled webs we mortals weave when first we practise to deceive!”  I’m grateful to be hand-in-hand with a dear family who faces a spinning web of lies.

scripture from Eva.JPG

My dear sister-in-law Eva Marie Everson, is an author and more!  She took this photo and created WOW!

I can't hear you

A much-needed sign for Google hangouts when tutoring!

car 2

What a miracle!  A friend walked away from this.  Her car was totalled….

wonky truck

Thankfully, no one on Pinterest will ever see this wonky Wonderopolis project!


Murder in School

Thankfully, this is fiction.  A review will follow!

Camp Wonderopolis 2017 2

A student has worked hard at Camp Wonderopolis and enjoyed every minute of it!


Had fun with a friend and her daughter.

roof work

Just in case hurricane Irma takes aim at NC, our roof and underlying wood are now secure, thanks to some wonderful folks!

deer blurry.JPG

Finally, how pleased I am to share this blurry photo of one of our “twins,” taken from my car, as this one and its partner rest in a neighbor’s yard- not ours!

roof work

16 thoughts on “* Picture thankfulness

  1. A wonderful photo essay of thankful thoughts, Katherine!! I love that each one held a message. I must confess that I find big fuzzy spiders quite fascinating… as long as they are not taking up residence in my house! Lies are another issue, and such a sad one for all the pain and damage they cause.

    Your SIL’s Rejoice poster is wonderful, bright and cheerful and it really does look like those flowers are bursting with joy!

    LOL at your sign for tutoring. I think we may need that one for lots of places and situations where communication seems to be a lost art these days.

    Oh! What a terrible car accident, and what a blessing that your friend walked away, surely surrounded by angels that day!

    Your water bottle Wonderopolis project looked like fun, and I bet everyone enjoyed it. Fun doesn’t always have to be fancy! 🙂

    Murder in School… what a chilling thought! I will look forward to your review.

    I suspect all the Wonderopolis Project Cards means this student has been very involved and good stuff has happened, a line-up to be proud of!!

    Your friend’s daughter is a little beauty and she obviously shares my love of bacon! 🙂

    We will hope and pray that Hurricane Irma stays far, far away from any populated areas, it will be a long recovery process from Harvey, but I am glad that your roof is secure and ready just in case, that is a big relief for you!

    Your twin visitors are so beautiful and so content to frequent your neighborhood. I would love to be there with all the green grass and trees too!

    Blessings to you in the week ahead, Katherine, I hope you are enjoying this Monday off to relax! XOXO

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  2. Great list of thankfuls and photos. That is a miracle your friend wasn’t hurt in that accident.I am thankful we don’t have any big spiders like that where I live 🙂

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  3. I love your photos and ‘thankfuls.’
    I’m going to have to check out the Wonderopolis.
    The book sounds like a teacher’s nightmare from the sound of the title. Glad it is fiction. 🙂
    What a blessing that your friend wasn’t injured in the wreck!

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  4. Remember kaleidoscopes as a kid? My first read-through of your post made me think of them. (That is, of course, a compliment.)
    Deer have been busy and numerous here this year. I knew they liked to eat rhododendrae, I was not aware that they have a taste for tomato flowers (aka, the pre-vegetable that I was really hoping to have in the garden this year). oh well.
    Liked the soda car. Fortunate your friend avoided injury in the not-supposed-to-be-upside down car.
    Go to see you in TToT-ville this week.

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    • Thanks for reading! I have yet to make my way to read all the other posts. I wish you had asked me about the tomatoes. Our “dear” deer took ours right off a pot on the porch.
      I had forgotten about kaleidoscopes. Those were a toy that we all had back in the day, wasn’t it? And Cracker Jack rewards.


  5. Spiders are wildly amazing, though unbelievably so. And same with the crash with your friend. It’s often amazing the amount of damage to a vehicle that had the person inside making it out with hardly a scratch. Doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense, but good thing and thankfully.

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    • Yeah, I have another friend whose car was totaled and she and her daughter survived, too. Unfortunately, they have had a lot of surgeries and continue to heal, a few years later. But looking at the car, you’d never guess anyone made it.


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