* Ten Things of Thankful

Today I am grateful for endings and for new beginnings.  I am a bit subdued, feeling like an 18 wheeler got the best of me.  But thanks to Josie for her faithfulness in keeping this blogging challenge GOING!

One.   This migraine headache is finally relinquishing its hold.  I spent yesterday huddled in the darkness as my dearest widower brought me ibuprofen and Tylenol.  Yet another side effect from yet another statin drug.  Coming to an end, right?

 Two.  The necessary roofing repair, with its pounding and ladders and men of integrity, is also coming to an end.  I’ll miss the way they hung around….

roofer 2

Three.  We are finally tackling some overdue home repairs and cleaning.  The roof rot (above) was a serendipitous discovery after pressure washing the house.  See?  My pressure to get the pressure cleaning was a good thing!  I should remind my dearest widower.

Four.  The clutter in this house is coming to an end.  Baby steps.  No, tweener steps.

Five.   Our hot and humid summer is gradually coming to an end.  Temps dropped to the 80s this week (just for a day or two) and many trees are cutting their losses, with yellowing leaves gulping for water.

Six.  The new school year starts tomorrow!  My dearest teaching widower calls it the Great Everson Giveaway.  I wonder why he’s never as excited as I am.

Seven.  More awesome professional development classes start soon!  My dearest teaching widower asks me if this is what other “retirees” do.

Eight.  The fawns that have been parked on our hill are following mom to sample treats in other folks’ yards.  I know they will be back.  This evening.

Nine.  My dearest widower is shopping for clothes right now!  On his own!  Maybe this is the start of something new.  Maybe he’s an imposter.  He doesn’t think a shirt should cost more than $12.  Yes, it’s been that long since he ventured into a mall.  If I didn’t have such a headache,  I would have accompanied him to immortalize the expedition with photos.  Is this the end of online shopping?  Nope.

Ten.  I will copy The Wakefield Doctrine and leave this one for the special day when I don’t have a headache.  Whee!



14 thoughts on “* Ten Things of Thankful

  1. see, now there you’ve captured the essence of what makes me dislike painting… the outside of the can! No matter how careful one is, the paint waits until you are relaxed and/or off guard and starts to work it’s way down the outside of its container. Whereupon, the very careful painter invariably tries to dab the wet paint (to maintain the so-far-totally-clean-work-area) with the paint brush still in the other hand and then, in trying to rotate the whole… what am I saying?! it’s right up there in the photo.
    Here in southern New England we have had a Summer of the new form… one or two genuinely hot days followed by rain and un-seasonably low temperatures, clear and repeat. I am one of those who will be warm again next June. The intervening weather will be ‘cold’ and ‘too damn cold’.
    The only problem with buying shirts online is that you can’t feel the material. And the feel of a shirt’s material (or fabric or whatever the technical term is) is everything!
    thanks for the mention, I mean, we are in a virtual world, so who’s to say (with certainty or, lacking that, authority) when now precisely is? lol
    Ourl Sunday paper no longer has a local supplement, faux-magazine shaped thing with slightly glossier paper and color photos.
    Good TToT

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    • I wish my post was as good as your comments, Scott Rogerclark. I did enjoy seeing someone else sitting outside our sun room, dripping paint. My husband agrees with you about texture. I can’t imagine why he hates microfibers. So smooth and comfy. Plus he used one dress shirt as a pajama top. Sorry about your weather. It sounds dreary. Humidity is so soft and clingy. 😜


  2. I was so delighted to see your post popping up in my feed today! ❤ I've been pretty much absent from blogging too, with the exception of TToT which is a promise I made to myself that I intend to keep. I can't imagine trying to focus on gratitude with the after-effects of a migraine, but I join you in being thankful that it's fading. Papa Bear gets severe ones and I know how miserable they can be.

    Roof repairs with a migraine? Oh no!! Very thankful it is also soon done, and yes it is a blessing that you discovered an underlying problem in the process of power washing. Better now than later, but never fun or inexpensive. SIGH

    My decluttering project has pretty much gone by the wayside this summer, I need to get back in gear with it, babysteps each day would be progress! I so want it done, if only there were magic wands. 🙂

    We've had the pleasure of a few cooler days here too, and it has felt like such a blessing after the hot, hot summer. At least we've had plenty of rain this summer, a rarity for us, and I actually have a green yard, even if it might be mostly weeds. 🙂

    The Great Everson Giveaway sounds like fun and is surely a blessing to those on the receiving end. I get a kick out of how active and involve you remain in "retirement". I doubt we shall find your photo by that word in the dictionary, but you love what you do, it is clearly your passion, so it's a good thing!!

    How blessed you are to see your deer family each day. I'm taken on a trio of feral tomcats who came begging at my window, literally, and they've become sweet and appreciative friends who wrap around my legs when I bring supper out. They also keep our inside cats well-entertained by watching their antics on our deck.

    My previous spouse did not even know what size socks he wore, he had to call me to ask after we separated! Papa Bear is a good shopper and our clothing tastes run very much the same. I would trust him to shop for me as well as himself. We are sale shoppers to the max, and online is even better! You will not find us in a mall unless there is something specific we are after. Eager to hear how your hubby does with his shopping adventure. I bet he'll be proud of his purchases!

    It is perfectly legal to do less than ten thankfuls or to save a spot for further additions. It's never about the quantity with me, but about the attitude of gratitude and most surely you've come up with some good ones! Wishing you a truly blessed week ahead, thank you for joining me at TToT! XOXO

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    • How nice to hear from you, Josie! I’ve been posting erratically for a few months and hope to get more focused.
      My husband came home with just what he wanted- and at a bargain price. I wish I could have gone with him. I’m feeling much better now, albeit a bit weak. Migraines are a rarity for me so I have a new understanding of what your Papa B goes through. It’s awful! I just dread the 4th statin drug I’ll have to try out, but I am blessed in so many ways that I can’t fuss about high cholesterol. Could be much worse! I am surprised you were able to tame those wild kitties. I thought that was impossible. I’m glad they are getting regular meals and that your indoor babes aren’t jealous. Cats are amazing creatures but I am allergic to them, so I confine my enjoyment to photos and videos.
      I do love teaching. It’s a definite gift from God, or I wouldn’t have been so successful. He has always placed me right where I’m meant to be, long before I knew him. What a joy!
      I’m glad you’re still doing TToT and I hope to be a more regular participant. And I’m glad I haven’t broken any laws!! Many blessings on your week!


    • Thanks for reading and sharing. Migraines are not common for me but seem to have been triggered by a statin drug. Yuck. I’ve tried 3 statins now and they all had terrible side effects, although this was the worst. Glad your weather is giving you some relief. Since I posted, the weather forecast is for temps in the 70s here! I am shocked!!


  3. I hope your headache is gone soon!
    Good for you for tackling clutter. We recently moved, and got rid of a lot of stuff, but I have a feeling we need to do another purging soon. It’s quite a process, but it feels so good to be clutter-free.

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    • Ah, moving is a great clutter reducer. And I am so glad we aren’t moving! That’s the hard way to get rid of stuff, in my mind. And my headache is just about gone now, thankfully!


  4. I get migraine-like headaches sometimes, but daily tension-like ones more of the time. So grateful yours is lifting.

    I wish I could get more into online shopping, as it would be a lot easier for me, but not getting to feel the fabrics is a big problem for me.

    Funny, that here too the roof was just replaced. Pounding over my head is a real headache inducer. I, too, am super grateful it is all completed now. The garage was rotted in places and that made things go a little longer than we’d predicted.

    To endings and beginnings and beginnings and endings.

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    • Oh, I am sorry you get migraines even occasionally. Yuck! It’s interesting that all the rot can be festering under the roof and not one bit is visible. We have a new roof but it wasn’t correctly installed at the edges and all the rain was seeping under it. Now it’s all done! Yea! Glad your garage is finished. And thanks for sharing. 😊

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