* Clutter: another lesson in belief

“I am not a hoarder!  In fact, I am quite organized.”  I can see your eyebrows rising in disbelief.  Yeah, we have an uncontrolled junk room, tons of closets stuffed to the brim, and every drawer and shelf in the house is packed.  But that clutter is not hanging over my head, as of a day ago.  My dearest friend, who shared her “A-student” story, has inspired me to ignore the whispers of “clutterer.”  Those shelves and shelves of teaching supplies?  Their days are numbered.  Today I filled up 2 bags of clothes for the thrift shop.  Whee!

In the past, in a far away land, my cleaning binge radar was firmly fixed on my dearest teaching widower’s clutter.  In fact, my own stacks seemed to disappear as I grunted and glared at his piles of paper, pounds of erasers shavings (he writes by HAND), and random books, paper clips, dead staples, and wine-stained napkins.  My displaced clutter-righteousness had no bounds, kinda like my own messes.  Poor guy.  But NO MORE!

junk 2


The New Me does not need to focus on my dearest widower’s writing detritus.  I don’t need to accomplish a clutter-free environment today or tomorrow or within a month.  I don’t feel intimidated by what needs to be done.  I want to do a little every day.  How obvious, you say.  It’s not rocket science.  But until I heard the A-Student story, I was crushed under the weight of clutter.

With my confident belief and God’s grace, along with a dearest friend to whom I can be accountable, the era of clutter in this house is over.  I am so excited!  In fact, this will be my “before” photo:

junk 3

6 thoughts on “* Clutter: another lesson in belief

  1. I try very hard to cut down on clutter, out of laziness. For me it’s books – teaching related. And promptly end up buying more. It’s a losing battle, that I fight every day 😂

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    • I’m making dents in this every day now but I have years of accumulation! Teaching materials is one huge source of clutter but I also hang on to clothes I don’t wear any more, unfinished projects, and paperwork. I’m now steadily mowing through it. I still feel some twinges of regret as I sort it out. I try to think of the families at the thrift shop who are getting some great items, often unused. It was easiest for me to start with stuff I wasn’t as connected to. Let me know how it goes!!

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      • I’m excellent at downsizing, except for my piano books. Buy new stuff only when the old has to be thrown out, generally. No unnecessary stuff in the kitchen or my cupboards. I think the teaching material is the problem 🙂 Am trying to buy music online, so I just keep soft copies, and print only when my students need. My current lot of books will (hopefully) get taken by my students as the year progresses. Kindle has taken care of my leisure reading – I got rid of most of my old books I read for leisure that way, and buy only on kindle.

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      • You’re far ahead of me! I’m making some serious inroads, though. I also switched to Kindle and that has cut down on paper books for recreation. But I still prefer teacher books in my hands!


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