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How little time I take to be thankful!  I’m better than I used to be, but this Ten Things of Thankful blogging challenge is good for my soul and spirit.  Here we go:

  1.  The kiddos are here, 8 of them tonight, playing on various devices and eating endlessly.  I’m grateful for their humor (“I’m just teasing, Aunt Katharine”), their enjoyment of one another, and all the Beatles’ songs we’ve heard tonight.  One niece has perfect pitch, which is truly amazing to a tone-deaf person like myself.
  2.  We are far over the year’s average of rainfall, which keeps all the plants growing so deer can snack on the yard.
  3.  The rain also brings mold, so we are FINALLY getting our house pressure washed.   The mold must be worse than I thought, because my dearest teaching widower suggested the washing.  That leads me to #4:
  4.  I call it The Dead Man Theory, as my dearest widower could step over a dead man on the kitchen floor and not notice.  The good news is that he has never once been critical of my multiple stacks of paperwork.  I have not been as generous towards his debris.
  5.  I’ve been given some awesome chocolate this week.  Ooh, pure pleasure.
  6.  We had a fabulous women’s event last night at church.  Designer desserts, candles flickering, a jazz trio humming.  Wow.
  7.  I still have more chocolate to eat!!
  8.  My foot is healing well.  It could have gone south, but that compression boot and tons of prayer did the trick.
  9.   I’ve run out of things so…
  10.  I saved the best for last.  Tomorrow is Father’s Day and I am married to the best father I’ve ever met.  He is gentle, patient, wise, and unselfish.  Wait!  Another one!
  11.  Speaking of patient, my dearest widower stopped the car so I could take a photo of a most beautiful sunset.  Sadly, my iPhone doesn’t capture the gorgeous colors, but who gets tired of admiring sunsets?                                                                                                           sunset.JPG

2 thoughts on “* TToT

  1. I was so happy to come to your blog today trying to catch up and discover that you’ve written a TToT post! I hope you’ll let me link it up to the group blog for you?

    Eight kiddos in the house sounds definitely fun and lively and I bet they had a blast!

    We’ve had a huge amount of rainfall here so far this season too, very rare, and very much appreciated even if it makes the weeds grow tall as trees as least they are green instead of brown and shriveled. The bunny population is thriving outside and I am more than happy they look good this year. How wonderful that the house is getting pressure washed and you didn’t have to be the one to suggest it… it will look wonderful and you’ll both be thrilled! That’s definitely a silver lining to the mold issue. 🙂

    I love the “Dead Man Theory” terminology and now I will remember it. It can aptly be applied to Papa Bear in his incredible patience with finding me on the keyboard or phone, or playing with my crochet hook and doing such a wonderful job of ignoring dust bunnies and clutter. Like you, I tend to be a bit more picky. They say we are critical of things we don’t like in ourselves.

    Your ladies event sounds lovely, and much enjoyed! And chocolate… everything in life is made better by chocolate! I am a firm believer in it’s healing powers! 🙂

    I am so thankful to read that your foot is finally healing well, prayers answered!

    Your husband does indeed sound like an awesome man, those qualities are the best of the best, how blessed we both are to be given God’s finest!

    I love, LOVE beautiful sunrises and sunsets, they are amazing here too. The colors reflected in the clouds in your photo are simply gorgeous, breathtaking. I am so often humbled by the magnificence of God’s handiwork! Thank you for taking time to snap the photo and share it with us!

    This was a great thankfuls list, I am so glad you made time for it. Blessings to you in the week ahead, may it be a really good one! XOXO

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    • Thank you, Josie! I’m glad we both have awesome men in our lives. What a gift. I hope to link the post today and catch up on other TToT-ers. I’ve managed to write but not yet read. So glad you’re getting rain, too. Droughts are no fun! We are awaiting the house cleaners right now. They’re also doing the windows so I should get some better pics of the fawns. Whee!


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