* My intermission

Hiatus, pause, gap- I prefer to think of my blogging lull as an intermission.  I could blame it on end-of-school-year woes, with paperwork, meetings, and a hidden objects app.  Believe me, I’ve thought about blogging every day.  But it felt like One More Thing I Had To Do, so I didn’t.  My computer cooperated with me by stalling constantly.  Our internet has been fickle with a new router.  Plus we had delightful guests, full of love and showing off a sparkling engagement ring.

You won’t believe this, but my battle with deer is also on hiatus as we enjoy the babes who are “parked” on our property.  I need to wash our windows to improve pictures of this pair.

baby deer 2.jpg

We had another visitor who might have been concussed during a thunderstorm.  This bat showed up on our doorstep, looking more dead than alive.  He or she hung from the steps during the day and eventually rejoined the troop.  I was kinda glad about that.

I’m also glad to be blogging again!  It feels like One Thing I Want To Do.  Hurray!

6 thoughts on “* My intermission

  1. This is so me, I love to blog and yet I find it “one more thing I need to do”, the same is true of keeping up with reading and commenting, and try as I might I never stay caught up, obviously! Then at night I feel sad because another day went by and I missed out on so many good posts and happy things shared. I conclude there are not enough hours or energy in the day or I am highly unorganized (impossible, lol). Today you were on top of my “do it today” list! Blogging tends to become an easy thing to set aside if life gets overloaded, and maybe that’s ok, because living is important, but I do know if I commit to at least a couple posts a week… one for Ten Things of Thankful, and one for Six Sentence Stories, I don’t feel like I am totally absent. I could easily write all day seven days a week, but then my house would be even more dusty than it is! 🙂

    I love your deer in the yard, we had a visit from a coyote on the deck! I am glad too that the bat recovered and relocated, I would feel bad with it just hanging around, literally.

    I hope that your computer and internet woes are now in the past, nothing is more frustrating than loosing something you are working on, or not being able to get connected and stay that way. I melt down if the Internet fails me. Thankfully I think we’ve solved that problem here for now, but it took multiple calls and visits to ATT to get it done. Nothing can be simple when it comes to technology!

    The diamond ring sounds exciting, with good things in the future! I am so glad you are back, I really enjoy your writing and your mindset, it is always refreshing to find someone who approaches life in a manner I can relate to! XOXO

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    • Hey Josie! Thanks for all your comments. Wow, if I tried to respond so thoughtfully to posts, I’d give up blogging altogether!! 😜 I still haven’t tackled ATT about the phone but maybe tomorrow. I need a few hours when I can be swapped from one line to another, with fuzzy elevator music in between. Because we have home group every week, our house stays cleanish (plus I have to do a major cleanup after the kiddos). The upstairs got cleaned because we had house guests, so that will carry us for a year or so….


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