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My ear was itching in that deep down, hard to reach place. I tried for several days to scratch it by trial and error. Sticking my finger in there, jiggling it around did not help. Doing that thing with my tongue, scratching my throat did not help. Carefully inserting a cotton swab a little ways in did not work either. I tried flushing it out with warm water, then suctioning it out. This just made it worse. Now every sound was muffled, and the itch was still there.

There was no relief. Itching day and night was taking it’s toll on me. Lack of sleep, and unable to concentrate on daily activities caused me to call in sick to my place of employment on more than one occasion as the days and weeks went by.

I didn’t want to, but I made an appointment with…

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7 thoughts on “IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD

  1. This was such a fun story. As one who experiences both chronic itchy ear canals (due to allergies) and also experiences verses of songs spontaneously playing in my head, sometimes on repeat for days!! It can make me a little crazy (read that crazier) at times, and I have no idea why it happens. The songs can be anything from any time period in my memory, most often nothing personally meaninful. So weird! 🙂

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    • I think we are hard wired to sing, especially worship. As a teacher, I get all these school/kid songs in my head and they are incredibly difficult to turn off! I haven’t really had random songs. Sometimes I will wonder about a tune but it’s been playing in a grocery store without me really noticing. Thanks for stopping by!!

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