* Another winner from Josie Two Shoes

If you appreciate wisdom with brevity, check out Josie Two Shoes‘ latest post: Shake It Off.  Josie is following Zoe at Uncharted for the Six Sentence Stories‘ blogging challenge.   I might try my hand at those sentences, but I can hear my dearest blogging widower saying, “Katharine, have you finished that other online course?”

Be adventurous and click those two little links.  You won’t be disappointed!

Anne Frank

Anne Frank:  “I can shake off everything as I write, my worries disappear, my courage is reborn.”  You can purchase this treasure from the Literary Fox on Etsy.

What a life quote from such a brave young woman.  G-d help us remember what happened to millions during those years.

2 thoughts on “* Another winner from Josie Two Shoes

  1. Oh Dear!! I am so far behind with blogging and I arrive here today and discover this nice post (hangs head in shame). I wrote that piece quickly but it really was a sentiment I wanted to convey, I’m not much one for whiners and people who chronically think the world is out to get them, instead of seeing that the enemy often dwells within! Ann Frank’s words were so amazing, and yes, we must NEVER, EVER forget, nor turn a blind eye to situations happening to innocent people still.

    You really should join us for Six Sentence Stories soon! They are fun because they don’t take long to write at all, and don’t have to be polished pieces that are publication ready. All genres are welcome and we have a very diverse group joining in, some talented, and some just for fun, like me! The new cue will come out on Zoe’s blog today sometime. I hope we’ll see you this coming Thursday! 🙂 XOXO

    PS – I will answer your wonderful and sincere email in the next day or two. I haven’t forgotten it, I’ve just been bogged down a bit here. ❤

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    • Hi! I’m just as far behind! Meetings and paperwork and more meetings. I’m hoping that once this phase is over, I could join the 6 sentence group. It seems very doable. Thanks for the encouragement! And I hope you get in-bogged down, too! 💕

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