* A-Z Challenge: Z!!!!

I do not have a zaar or a zither or a zea

My zaglossus is at the cleaners and my zebibit can’t be seen.

If my camera had a zabaglion, I’d capture a zurvan,

But it doesn’t and I can’t so here’s my last zaman.





2 thoughts on “* A-Z Challenge: Z!!!!

  1. You’ve done it, completed the entire A-Z, congratulations!! I applaud you for sticking too it, the last week or so it really becomes a challenge. Now you’ve challenged me, because I don’t know these words, so it’s time to start Googling and find out what they mean, and how your photograph ties in. I love the clock, it’s amazing! I’m delighted to have met your thru the A-Z and can’t wait to see what else you’ll be sharing here in the weeks and months ahead! XOXO

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    • Oh, thank you for your kind words! I got those words from my favorite online crossword puzzle “dictionary,” called word finder. It has links to their definitions. I had it all worked out but then saw I’d accidentally chosen a final word I didn’t want to illustrate. Thanks again for your amazing encouragement.


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