* A-Z Challenge: Y

Y is for all the Yard work waiting, waiting, waiting.  Is it my fault we got five inches of rain last week?  The downpour was the only reason the Yard work was deferred.  I would do some Yard work right now if the National Weather Service had not just issued a severe thunderstorm warning.  Seriously, I would.


4 thoughts on “* A-Z Challenge: Y

  1. Here in dry West Texas we always welcome rain, but like many folks you’ve had more than your share of it this Spring. I know it’s postponing yardwork which you are surely eager to do, so perhaps if you have time you’d like to take up the Six Sentence Stories writing link-up for tomorrow! The cue word is “chicken”, what can we do with that?! It doesn’t have to be fiction, any kind of a six will do. 🙂

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