* A-Z Challenge: T and U

I was in a precious one’s house where a delicious Indian meal was being prepared.  It was no problem for her to find me foods and spices for the letters T and U.  I wish you could smell the photos!

You might be wondering about that little white blob next to the Tamarind.  It’s my nephew Christopher’s Tooth.  As we worked through our tutoring session, Christopher nibbled on a granola bar and unexpectedly spit a glob onto the table.  I cried, “What is that?” and he4 answered causally, “My tooth!”  He was unperturbed and I grabbed a baggie.


Have you eaten Ume-Shisho or Umeboshi?  And how much does one household need???   Thankfully, enough for me to photograph.


2 thoughts on “* A-Z Challenge: T and U

  1. You are getting there!! 🙂

    I have heard of tamarind, but have no idea what it tastes like. I think I’ll go with tooth, which is pretty cool when you are small and so eager for those baby teeth to fall in hopes of a surprise gift! The last two I have no clue on, but it left me thinking how fun it would be to have a spice-tasting party of some sort just to see what some of these untraditional ones taste like! But if they are spicy-hot they would definitely be a no-go for me!

    “Circle of Hope” – A serial story involving 26 women in a small Midwest town
    X is for Xenia

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    • Sorry for the delay in responding. Do you remember when your own teeth fell out?
      They aren’t spicy hot but definitely an acquired taste, depending on how many taste buds you have. Mine are disappearing with age!

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