* A-Z Challenge: Q is for Queasy

Do heights make you feel Queasy?  Before I went through cognitive behavior therapy, heights were one of my phobias.  I was still aware of how Queasy I used to feel when I drove past these 2 brave dudes assembling a cell tower on a stormy day.  If I had a decent camera, perhaps you could see them.  I’ve added a snippet to help you out!

queazy 1

queasy 2.JPG

4 thoughts on “* A-Z Challenge: Q is for Queasy

  1. Arrgghh! Heights make me very queasy, so do edges, and bridges, and winding mountain roads! Just seeing a photo of someone perched on a ledge over the Grand Canyon sends chills up my spine, and roller coasters are totally out of the question! Fear factor 25! 🙂 It is really awesome that you were able to break free of that.

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    • It was a long journey, believe me. The last time we went to the Grand canyon, I clung to a sweet woman we met there and ended up hanging together (literally); we took the inner trail while our husbands walked the rim. I was so scared I would throw myself off the edge. That was how my fear manifested, which was bizarre. One way to practice my strategies is to watch the movie The Ledge. Have you seen it?


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