* TToT again!

It’s bad news, good news this week.

#1.  Bad news: After a loooong week, I have been working on paperwork most of the day and my eyes are swimming.  Good news:  I finished a lot of it!

#2.  Bad news:  I lost October 2016.  I mean I lost my lesson plans for a student.  I have the digital version but no notes.  Good news:  I found October!  It was just incorrectly stapled.  More good news:  I threw away some clutter in the hunting process.

#3.  Bad news:  I have not been able to wean my foot from the compression boot.  Good news:  I said, “Whatever!” and tossed the heavy thing aside.  More good news: My foot has been fine all day.

#4.  Bad news:  I did waste a little time playing Mahjong today.   Good news:  I beat an expert level that had defied me for weeks.  Yes, the game was taunting me.

#5.  Bad news:  I did not get much accomplished with my online classes today.  Good news:  Tomorrow is another day.

#6.  Bad news:  My dearest teaching widower had to work all day, too.  Good news:  I was able to help him on a project without getting snappy.  Oh, right, I never get snappy.

#7.  Bad news:  I lied in #6.  Good news:  I only lied about never getting snappy.  I really did help him without getting snappy TODAY.  And I am running out of news, folks.

#8.  Bad news:  There is no sequel to the sequel of The Dying and the Dead.  Good news:  Sequel #1 was great and featured a brave young boy.

#9.  Bad news:  I may not finish the Color Your World blogging challenge.  Good news:  I can try again next year.  More good news:  I have a whole year to take more colorful photos!

#10:  Bad news:  I have nothing else to add.  Good news:  I did not gripe about the clutter in the house, the laundry that needs to be washed, or the pile of mulch in our driveway that needs to be spread somewhere, anywhere.  More good news:  I am reading a cool detective thriller called The Murderer’s Son by Joy Ellis.  A terrific read about a guy who thinks he is a serial killer.  Is he?  I don’t know yet but it will be fun to find out.  Mama was the Blonde Butcher.  Oh dear, what a legacy.

Have a great week, dear readers!

The Murderer's Son

15 thoughts on “* TToT again!

  1. I clicked over to Color My World. I’d have to think hard about participating in a 120 day challenge. The 30 day April one is plenty for me. There is always more than one way of looking at NEWS, isn’t there? Finding the good in the bad (or otherwise mundane) is (as Clark would say) the gratitudinal purpose of this blog hop. (But he’d probably use another word for purpose). Paper work is a big drag for me, too. The only thankful I have is when it is completed. I am addicted to Bejeweled Blitz – no levels and a one minute game. I use it to center myself and refocus my mind (sounds like a thankful, doesn’t it?).

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    • I have installed and uninstalled so many games. My brain gets addicted to them, stuck like a fly to fly paper. I’m glad you can leave after one game. That’s impressive. Wouldn’t call that addiction. I have just discovered Clark and he is fascinating and funny. Oh, I will enjoy reading more of his posts. I appreciate your visiting over here!

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  2. Good TToT
    Coming up with formats and themes and ways of producing Ten Things of T is most of the fun (for many of us*)
    Liked the ‘good news/bad news’ theme… fun
    (While you certainly can start a new Book of Secret Rules (aka Secret Book of Rules) am happy to recommend on of the most stable, SR 1.3 (this is actually the first rule discovered (there are new rules being made-up discovered and applied every week… in any event, SR 1.3 (sometimes cited as SR 3.1 in the British version) states, in part: ‘…the [fact of] completion of a list of 10 things is, in and of itself, a Item of Gratitude, therefore, if evident before a full list of Ten Things is completed, may serve (with appropriate citation) as the last, i.e. #10 (‘booyah!) Item. Thereby, in loco parentis, completing said Post.”

    *ok some of us1
    1) sure, the odd ones, but that doesn’t mean I don’t totally enjoy the coherent and orderly TToT posts, or, for that matter, your TToT posts2
    2) ‘bar rum bump! **
    ** yeah, I’ve totally run out of html (god, this better work or this is one really dumb comment)

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    • My first laugh of the day!! Maybe my last for a while, as I dig into paperwork. MY book of Secret Rules is encrypted but once I figure it out, I’m quoting chapter and verse to you, CSR. Oh, I think I have the first two words: Great Scott. Uh-huh, just you wait. Oh, the first page looks like it ends with, um, this is a wild guess: Roger that.

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  3. I love this post! Finding the silver linings (i.e. bad news/good news) is what I see the TToT being all about and what I’ve come to love about it! Life sometimes has a lot of “bad news” events in any given week, and refocusing on the other side of things makes all the difference in how we survive. A is for attitude, and attitudes are so contagious!

    Paperwork, be it teaching, office, or just keeping track of finances, etc. at home is always a struggle to keep up with. It sounds like you not only made some progress but managed to locate a missing item and find more things in the process. Win-win! It’s strange how often when we search we find far more than we thought we were looking for, that goes for life in the bigger sense too, and most definitely faith!

    I am glad your foot is doing ok sans the compression boot, they are miserable, and even moreso as the weather gets warmer. Praying for healing to continue!

    I love the challenge of Mahjong, I think that doing such things is a great way to free our minds up from the constant fixation of what we need to do next… a great mental break! I also love playing Words with Friends and Yahtzee online. It helps keep my senior brain from going entirely to rust! 🙂

    I had to smile at your helping your husband with a project without getting snappy. That’s a challenge! Mine supervised at work for many years (as did I) and it’s often a case of too many chiefs. We do everything in life together so well, except for projects, which are best kept simple and short! You get extra points in my book for helping without fussing!

    Finding that there are no additional sequels to a story you’ve really connected with can be so sad, like saying goodbye to a dear friend!

    I think it shows wisdom to know when we have overloaded ourselves and need to cut back. Self-care is important and we shouldn’t feel guilty for saying “I’ve taken on more than I can handle at the moment.” I am learning in my old age to commit myself to less, it saves a lot of frustration! I love your photos, so will look forward to seeing what you do with the challenge next year. I’m delighted to see you are doing the A-Z Challenge and I’ll be back to read your earlier posts for it!

    You final paragraph re things you didn’t gripe about is the best. That’s the magic of TToT at work, with all that going on you also found lots of good things to be thankful for, the rest will get done in good time. Thank you so much for joining us for the TToT, have a wonderful week ahead!


    • I think I’m the control freak and my husband is the most patient man on earth! Being sweet while we work has been a prayer of mine. I finally realized that I was snake-like because I wanted him to think like me, even though he’s an expert in his field and I was supposed to be helping. I can still count on one hand the times I’ve made it through without showing my fangs but God is faithful. Both of us are pack rats- a deadly combination!! But typically, I don’t mind my clutter and get annoyed at his. That’s human nature without grace. I did try Yahtzee online but no one ever took their turns. Do you know the people you play? Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your perspective!


      • I would have to admit to being a bit of a control freak too, I realize that when I see that trait in my grown daughter and know where she learned it. We talk about it and both of us are learning to let go, that we done always have to be in charge or have things done our way. It’s a blessing to release it!

        I had to chuckle at you not minding you clutter but being bothered by his, that is so me as well. I have things everywhere, but if he piles a mess on his end table or in a closet I am fussing. It is said that we tend to be most critical of traits in others that we see in ourselves, maybe there’s something to that. The biggest message being to remove the log from our own eyes,,, and the clutter from our own corners… first!

        I know a couple of the people I play Yahtzee with, the others are just ones I’ve met through the game, we don’t really socialize a lot, just enjoy the friendly competition. I know more of my Words with Friends partners because they are also blogging friends. In both cases, I play my turns fairly often, a minimum of four times a day, usually more. I don’t often play more than a turn or two at once though, just as mini-breaks throughout my day. Most of the people I play with take their turns about as often as I do or more. Ones that only show up a couple times a week can be kind of frustrating. If you’ like to play either game, email me and I’ll be happy to send you my game ID’s. 🙂

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      • We do have a lot in common, being human beans. (I’m reading the BFG with a student.) I think you would be a tough opponent in word games; you can wrap words around your little finger with no apparent effort! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Thank you. I really only felt like writing about bad news because I was kinda grouchy, but the blog did help me look at the other side of things. What a joy to find the papers I needed- and they were in my hands- or stacks of paper- all along.


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