* A-Z Challenge: N is for Naughty

I guess this photo could also be called “Fire in the Hole!”  NAUGHTY Mrs. Everson almost set the school room on fire!  Who knew the fan behind me would be such a NUISANCE?  Or that my clothing was perilously close to the flame?  NOT me!  The NURSE who filmed this did try to warn me.

fire in the hole

4 thoughts on “* A-Z Challenge: N is for Naughty

  1. Sometimes it’s not easy to remember all the things we have to be careful about, especially when you are intent on accomplishing something such as an experiment. Be glad it didn’t end with a coat flambe!

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  2. Oh my! The mother in me noticed the flame so close to your sleeve immediately, yet I couldn’t help but smile because there was obviously a very cool experiment in progress here, and I’m betting the kids loved it! We learn best from things that catch our attention, this includes fire! :-))

    I didn’t know you were doing the A-Z this year! I am following your blog now, it’s a fun place to visit, I found both myself and fire here today… awesome!!!

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    • (smile) You should see the video with sparks everywhere. Yes, my student was in stitches, figuratively. I didn’t notice until I posted the photo that the flame was clearly pointing south…. I had to open the windows for fresh air. I appreciate your following my blog. That means a lot to me.


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