* The Dying and the Dead

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Oh yeah, zombies at full tilt!  Jack lewis has written a zombie thriller AND it has a sequel!  The Dying and the Dead: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller doesn’t disappoint.  That hideous mask on the cover belongs to Charles Bull, a regular guy turned bounty hunter for the Capita.  In a world full of the infected, those hanging on by a thread (and face masks), and the immune, the Capita is searching for a cure- all the while grasping power by any means.

Lewis heads each chapter with a main character’s name: Heather, Ed, and Charles.  Each person is a complex individual who struggles with the unimaginable (except that we’ve all seen zombie flicks so we know how bad it is).  My favorite is Heather, perhaps because she’s a teacher.  She turns a blind eye as “an immune,” a young student named Jenny, is yanked away from her class by Charles and his soldiers.  Heather feels guilt but rationalizes her indifference.  When her own daughter is at risk, Heather finally engages the enemy.  Heather becomes quite formidable, but saving her child is a long shot.

Ed is a young man who has locked himself away emotionally for years; at first I thought he was autistic.  He cannot hide from the airborne virus that is carried to the remote island where he’s hidden himself away.  And Charles?  His reasons for becoming a monster are also revealed, but I’m not telling.

This horror story is set in England and the landscape reminds me of my childhood days.  Zombie-free, of course.  It turns out that Jack Lewis and I were both born in Lancashire, so perhaps that’s why the book feels like home.  Except for flesh-eating critters.  I’m sure the ending will leave you hunting out the sequel.  I’ve just started book 2 and it promises to be a great as the original!

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