* A-Z Challenge: E and F

I’m creeping along with the A-Z blogging challenge, all my letters out of order (and who knows which ones I’ve already done!).

Here is Easter Fun, and it was another one of my challenging craft projects.  Last year’s egg dyeing was a disaster, with “blown” eggs that first floated in dye and then completely filled up with that same colored water.  No amount of shaking would empty those critters, so they leaked colored water forever.

This year I bought oversized paper mache eggs.  A good size to hold, I figured, and we could experiment with designs.  But the eggs were not easy to hold.  Once slippery with paint, and with no good way to grasp them, they shot from our hands and coated the student and his special chair with bright orange, purple, and green paint.  I tried to ram a paperclip into the bottom, but unlike any paper mache I’ve made, these were as hard as steel.  Eventually, I was hammering a sharp pair of kitchen shears into the base, to no avail.  Every egg below had to be repainted multiple times after it squirted from our hands.  Maybe I could use the letters S and P for slippery as a greased pig, whatever that means.  I do know what greased eggs means.

Easter eggs.JPG

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