* TToT and A-Z: the letter D

In case you’re wondering what that odd title means, this is my Ten Things of Thankful post and I am using the letter D from the A-Z blogging challenge (yes, I have skipped C temporarily).  Be sure to check out Josie Two Shoes’ post and links to others who have posted their own Ten Things!

  1. Delightful, deer-proof flowers, waiting to replace the not-so-deer-proof stubs.sage
  2. Dearest teaching widower shoveling a place to plant the new flowers!                                      shoveling.JPG
  3. Dirt all ready!                                                                                                                                            dirt.JPG
  4. aDorable sage meadow that smells pungent and hopefully unattractive to Deer.
  5. Detritus from our neighbor’s huge sweetgum tree.  Love the tree but can live without the pods!                                                                                          detritus
  6. Don’t Break the Ice Game, perfect for Fun Friday with a special student!   Don't break the Ice
  7. Doodads in my hair for Wacky Hair Day at school this week!                                                         wacky hair day 1
  8. Delicious and nutritious snacks- yum!                                                                                               nuts 
  9. Disney movie that satisfied all the kiddos at our movie night: G Force.  And finally,
  10. DUH!  My son had to help me with Algebra 2.  Thank goodness for a math-savvy family!

10 thoughts on “* TToT and A-Z: the letter D

  1. I think I would probably end up hurting myself if I attempted your wacky hair day ‘do! Very creative! I bet your students got a kick out of that.

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  2. As a retired pre-school teacher, I can definitely relate to the Wacky Hair Day adornments. I wonder if it would work at home? We certainly did some unusual things for fun in school. I see the bare and beautiful Crepe Myrtle in your hard; it’s one of my summer favorites and it has an unblooming (resting) beauty as well. We live among deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, fox, and even a coyote or two. The deer sure like our hydrangea. Maybe some sage will keep them away. Glad to see you here. Have a good week.

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    • Thanks for sharing! I’m impressed that you recognized the crepe myrtles. They survived hurricane Fran, when a pine tree fell right on top of them. It’s taken years to get them straight again. Plus I am pitiful at pruning. I think I’d enjoy the wild animals if we didn’t live in the middle of town! I wish we could grow hydrangeas. Hope your week is great!


  3. Oh my, you were brave to wear those items in your hair. How did you get a plate to stay in place? Did you get a prize for your creativity, other than seeing the grins on the kids’ faces? Being able to find deer proof plants is a challenge. They seem to change their minds each season as to what they will and will not eat, even if the plants are on the deer proof lists. One year we put bars of Irish Spring soap in panty hose and tied them to our apple trees. It worked for one year, but not the next. I imagine you have tried some of those tried and true remedies too.

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    • The plate was the easiest. I just cut a small hole and pulled some hair through. Sounds like we’ve tried some of the same deer tricks. I think they stand around at night and laugh! So far, they are leaving the sage alone. My husband and I rushed out the next morning to see if anything was left!


  4. I apologize for being such a late visitor to your TToT post! We are back from vacation now, and I am slowly getting back in gear and caught up!

    This was a truly Delightful post! I’m enjoying how people are incorporating their A-Z lists with the TToT, it’s Definitely entertaining! 🙂

    I hope the new deer-proof flowers prove to be just that! It is so fun to have Dear visitors in your yard, but not so fun to have the shrubs Devoured!

    Cleaning up after the neighbor’s tree, not so fun. My daughter has a huge oak tree that keeps her scrambling to remove leaves from her neighbor’s lawns so that they Don’t become Disgruntled!

    I remember that Don’t Break the Ice game… fun play, and your hairdo for Wacky Hair Day was Definitely the best!! You put some work into that! 🙂

    Delicious snacks that are also nutritious are Devine, those look yummy!

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    • You’re so sweet to read and comment. I hope you had a fun vacation and that reading blogs doesn’t feel laborious. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with trying to post regularly. Like your daughter, I try to clean up the other neighbor’s yard from OUR big trees. They have no trees to speak of but get tons of leaves from us. I just finished that bag of snacks. So hard to eat just 10 or 20!! Thanks again for commenting. It’s very kind of you!


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