* Blogging A-Z: Bugs at school

Ew!  There’s probably no teacher who hasn’t encountered all kinds of creepy crawlies at school.  If you’ve taught at a newly-built school, you won’t be surprised to learn that these adaptable critters have set up home in their new environment.  Many teachers gently transport 6- and 8-legged creatures outdoors, which I can support for about 3 months.  After that….  I am less than excited about catching wolf spiders, which could qualify in Olympic high jump meets.  If these arachnids ever get their hands on a javelin, we’re in trouble.


Then there are lice.  Why is it that my head itches as soon as I read that word?  When we got a notice that lice were in the school, the poor nurse had a dozen itchy teachers asking for a quick scalp check.  I still remember a kiddo with lice who rested his head against mine!  How could that happen??  I am not a touchy-feely teacher, nor do I encourage kids to get in my personal bubble.  And yes, my own kids had lice, so I understand how ubiquitous they can be.  Contrary to some backward thinking, lice are equal opportunity invaders.

Lastly, roaches are soooo happy in paper-laden storerooms, file cabinets, and stacks of old books.  They truly love cardboard boxes, which serve as homes and food.  And what teacher doesn’t have some cardboard boxes?  Crud.

Speaking of homes, I’ve made hundreds of home visits over the years but only once did I encounter roaches.  I was talking to a mom when a roach crawled freely around her collar and shirt.  I think I should have told her, but my foot went through the floor of her mobile home and got wedged there, so I was further distracted.

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