* Dear talk

Dear Deer talk?

deer talk.JPG


Wassup?  Nuthin.  Where is she?  On the couch, STILL in her pajamas.  What are we gonna do?  Nuthin.  I mean it.  It’s no fun unless she’s chasin’ us, barking like a fool dog.  Or tossing ice cubes all over the place.  What about those day lilies?  They look mighty tasty.  Jus’ wait.  No fun eating them if she can’t chase us away.  It gives me indigestion to eat and run.  Aw, wimp.  Hang on.  It’ll be worth it.  Don’t you already have enough photos of her running up the hill, tripping on branches?  I’m hoping for fame, dude.  Something that can go viral.  I hate that word.  Huh?  Viral.  My aunt got the viral and she went all Terminator.  Dude, the only zombie deer is in that crazy movie, Train to Busan.  Maybe it’s real.  Naw, your aunt ate too many of those day lilies, is all.  I think she’s watching us.  You’re paranoid, little brother.  She’s got a gimp leg and acts all stupid.  What do you mean?  You saw her putting a Venus fly trap on the porch, right?  Who does that?  All I’m sayin’ is this is a waste of time.  Eat a few periwinkles, then.  Maybe it’ll perk her up.  I thought you said she wasn’t watchin’ us.  [Sigh}

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