* Ten Things of Thankful

I haven’t tackled the challenge to write Ten Things of Thankful in months, so I reread Lizzi’s Christmas list of 50 things, which amazes me (but not enough to copy).  Let’s see how far I can get….

  1.  I am feeling a bit better today!  Still shaky but this round of steroid withdrawal is losing its power to flatten me.
  2. My dearest steroid withdrawal widower has been tending to me so carefully, encouraging me that this will pass.  What would I do without his love?
  3. Rationally, I know that the flattening and disgusting side effects of withdrawal are far better than something like chemo.  I do not have cancer; I’m not facing that dreadful siege.  My heart aches for those who are in that battle.
  4.  My broken foot, still encased in a boot, no longer objects to an occasional free step.  In 2 weeks, I’ll know whether it can fly out of its cocoon.
  5. The local (pricey) swimming pool is sending out teasers suggesting that we may be able to swim there again, after months of locked doors.  Aquatics.JPG
  6. Vance, the Venus fly trap, continues to sprout new traps, ever hopeful that the spring will bring a random gnat into the house.  Of course, I am just boarding Vance for his student-owner, whose house must be kept like a refrigerator.                                                 Vance 2.JPG
  7. I’ve just started a MOOC course on Mathematics and Technology through The Friday Institute.  After reading through the profiles of all the participants, I can see that I am on the lowest percentile regarding middle school math skills.  I do love a challenge.  It’s not too late for you to sign up, either, no matter where you live!  Cool!TMT
  8. We are hosting a Korean zombie movie night this evening.  Train to Busan, with Korean food and sweet guests.  I HOPE I can rouse myself out of bed!                                    Train to Busan 2.jpg
  9.  A dear friend (who now lives far away) has a birthday today.  I owe her more than I could ever express.
  10.  I have read about 20 books in the past few days.  It’s been a wonderful way to escape from bleh and blah and worse.  iphone books.PNG
  11.  My faith rests in the confidence that I am being held, not that I can hold on.
  12. I’ve been able to eat chocolate throughout this temporary ordeal.  I assume that is related to #11.

Thank you, dear readers, for your patience as I’ve fallen away from my regular posting once again.  Who knew??  Oh yes, the One who loves me knew.  I’m in good hands and

20 thoughts on “* Ten Things of Thankful

  1. I need to catch up on my reading. Steroid withdrawal must be no fun at all. I’m glad there’s someone there to help you through it. Hope you can take many steps soon. Swimming is great exercise and fun. Hope you get to do it soon. Have a good week.

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  2. It is so nice to come and meet you and to find this wonderful list! I’m glad you’ve felt good enough to join us, it sounds like you’ve been going through a rough time. I’m glad the pool you enjoy is going to re-open, and that you’ve been able to find distraction through reading, the best way ever to spend laid-up time! I’ve never seen baby fly-traps before, how cool is that! 🙂 Korean zombie movie night sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m sorry you had to miss it this time, but I hope your healing continues and you’ll be back in the swing of things before long! Blessings to you in the week ahead, and welcome back!

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    • Wow, Josie, I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. It’s been another dreadful day, although I am clinging to the positives. Thank you for your encouragement. You’ve made me smile with hope!!


  3. Well back (to the TToT)… it’s always good to when people check back in, as life do have a way of taking us off, down un-expected paths and such.
    hey! speaking of reading, while I have had a kindle for a while, I wanted to re-read some Robert Parker books (Spenser) and could not justify buying them, seeing how I have a bookshelf full of them. Interesting, still enjoy the paper books, even retained my one-hand-hold-the-paperback-open technique. I did find that Kindles are vastly superior for reading in bed when there is another person trying to sleep.
    Good recovery!

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    • Thanks for dropping by! My befuddled brain is trying to recall Robert Parker. Sounds familiar. I’ll check it out. I’m all Kindle myself. I’m on the 5th Brady/Rodriguez lawyer mystery. Very entertaining. I appreciate your taking the time to chat!!


  4. I too am one who has been away from blogging for a month. It is nice to be back. Hopefully your broken foot has been doing a good job of healing. A little over a year ago I experienced my first broken bone ever. Trying to be patient through the recovery can be a challenge. Love your description of your foot being able to “fly out its cocoon.” Was the Venus fly trap already named when it came to you? I’ve never named my plants, but I have friends who have. Vance is a good name for a Venus fly trap.

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    • Thanks for reading, Pat. I’m amazed that you made it to adulthood without a broken bone. My student named the fly trap and I’ve grown very attached to it. Probably too attached because it’s not eaten yet and I think that’s a problem. 😜 Thanks again for sharing.


  5. Despite the fact that I feel like I read constantly, I’m nowhere near where I want to be in terms of tackling my reading pile. I’m actually off to try and finish a book tonight after I comment here and one more place. I’m jealous of your 20 books accomplishment!
    Steroid withdrawal is so difficult. Just the occasional times I’ve had to take small amounts for RA have been difficult to come off of.
    It’s never too late to learn! I’m pretty sure I’d be at the bottom of the heap in middle school math skills. 😀 Good luck with the class. I just started taking an online class, too. I love learning – especially online. Too bad high school wasn’t this way!

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    • I can remember when I hadn’t read a book, apart from teaching material, in a year. So it is awesome to read as much as I want. Sorry to hear you have RA. I would say that most schooling in this country is still far from what I’m reading and practicing in this class. So often it’s really deadly. Thank you for visiting and sharing!

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      • When I was teaching, I was often in that situation – the only thing I had read was teaching prep materials. I hated it. The RA is no big deal – no sorry necessary. I’m well managed and healthy and have only had a very few occasional times when I even had to think about it. Good healthy eating is a powerful tool in managing it.
        Yes, school has a long way to go in this country…it will be interesting to see how it develops as we go forward.

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