* What did one elevator say to the other?*

Cee’s Share Your World Challenge is a cool way to start your blogging week.  Here are this week’s questions and my responses.  Feel free to join in the fun!

Do you push the elevator button more than once?  Do you really believe it makes the elevator doors work faster?  As kids, my sister and I were in perpetual competition over who could get to the elevator button first.  Now, she and I find ourselves redirecting kids who are similarly obsessed.  It DOES matter who pushes the button first!  I am still intrigued by elevator buttons, but have been depressed to discover (pun intended) that jabbing the button repeatedly doesn’t make the doors open or close any faster.  Maybe your elevators are better than mine.  Now I’m stuck on elevator memories….

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneously (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)  Our daughter-in-law does all the heavy lifting on family trips, partly so that we will actually DO something.  When my dearest teaching widower and I go alone, we veg out.  Sure, for a trip to a major city, we want to see some highlights, like the Smithsonian or Holocaust Museum, but otherwise, we drift along.

Golden Gate bridge

My copilot makes sure we keep moving!

Describe yourself in at least four uplifting words.  Um.  (That doesn’t count.)  Patient, positive, funny (see answer to joke below), & divergent.

If you had a choice, which would be your preference: salt water beaches, freshwater lakes, ocean cruise, hot tub, ski resort or desert?   My dearest widower always says he wants to get to heaven before me so he can stake out a place at the beach or mountains.  He’s afraid we’ll get stuck in the middle.  And sometime I should blog about our ski trip, which was insane.  OK, back to the question.   I love deserts, but if I want company, I’d better take the beach.

Thank you, Cee, for your fun challenges!

*  I think I’m coming down with something. 

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