* Ten Things of Thankful

I haven’t tackled the challenge to write Ten Things of Thankful in months, so I reread Lizzi’s Christmas list of 50 things, which amazes me (but not enough to copy).  Let’s see how far I can get….

  1.  I am feeling a bit better today!  Still shaky but this round of steroid withdrawal is losing its power to flatten me.
  2. My dearest steroid withdrawal widower has been tending to me so carefully, encouraging me that this will pass.  What would I do without his love?
  3. Rationally, I know that the flattening and disgusting side effects of withdrawal are far better than something like chemo.  I do not have cancer; I’m not facing that dreadful siege.  My heart aches for those who are in that battle.
  4.  My broken foot, still encased in a boot, no longer objects to an occasional free step.  In 2 weeks, I’ll know whether it can fly out of its cocoon.
  5. The local (pricey) swimming pool is sending out teasers suggesting that we may be able to swim there again, after months of locked doors.  Aquatics.JPG
  6. Vance, the Venus fly trap, continues to sprout new traps, ever hopeful that the spring will bring a random gnat into the house.  Of course, I am just boarding Vance for his student-owner, whose house must be kept like a refrigerator.                                                 Vance 2.JPG
  7. I’ve just started a MOOC course on Mathematics and Technology through The Friday Institute.  After reading through the profiles of all the participants, I can see that I am on the lowest percentile regarding middle school math skills.  I do love a challenge.  It’s not too late for you to sign up, either, no matter where you live!  Cool!TMT
  8. We are hosting a Korean zombie movie night this evening.  Train to Busan, with Korean food and sweet guests.  I HOPE I can rouse myself out of bed!                                    Train to Busan 2.jpg
  9.  A dear friend (who now lives far away) has a birthday today.  I owe her more than I could ever express.
  10.  I have read about 20 books in the past few days.  It’s been a wonderful way to escape from bleh and blah and worse.  iphone books.PNG
  11.  My faith rests in the confidence that I am being held, not that I can hold on.
  12. I’ve been able to eat chocolate throughout this temporary ordeal.  I assume that is related to #11.

Thank you, dear readers, for your patience as I’ve fallen away from my regular posting once again.  Who knew??  Oh yes, the One who loves me knew.  I’m in good hands and

* Not another photo!

cotton candy

cotton candy 2.JPG

My niece groaned and said, “No, Aunt Katharine!  Not another photo!”  So we ended on this note, with her trying not to smile in that cotton candy mask.

She is not thanking Jennifer Nichole Wells for her Color Your World challenge.

* Three Things Thursday- this weekend

Thanks, Nerd in the Brain (NitB), for your reminder to slow down and smell the fluffbutts.  Wait, that’s not what you said, although your photo of the tipsy fluffbutt IS hilarious.  NitB volunteers at a cat shelter and those little critters are soooo cute.

Here are my Three Things Thursday for this weekend, a time to appreciate the goodness in my life.

First, my foot situation has improved considerably with this no-pain boot.  What do you think, Steph?  Could you make this into a fashion statement?  When she was fastening me in, a nurse commented that there was really no way to put it on backwards, but I’ve managed to do just that a couple of times.  I have been called a Motor Moron.


Second, we enjoyed a movie night with our home group on Friday.  One sweet member cooked an entire St. Patrick’s Day meal AND another friend sent me this photo of her adorable lass.  I am in love with this dog!  Look at those eyes!

St patricks day dog


Third, a dear family sent me a video of something that touched my heart.  I can’t share it, but the love they have for their son, the joy they share with that kiddo, their brilliant minds and their sense of humor- no way can I adequately express what they add to my life!  I will share a photo of a classroom “pet” I am boarding for a while.  I tried to feed it an ant, but I think “Vance” is too young for solids.  I took a 10 minute video of an ant exploring Vance’s pink caves and then wandering off to find some crumbs.  If you ever have difficulty sleeping, just ask to borrow that video.

Venus fly trap.JPG

* Color Your World cornflower


cornflower 3.JPG

Adorable “gift bag” shoes (in all hues of cornflower) for attendees at a baby shower.  Could anything be cuter?  Nope.

Thanks to Jennifer Nichole Wells for her Color Your World challenge.

* Color my home cerulean


Another delightful word I rarely use.  My old eyes struggle to differentiate this from teal, to be honest.  But cerulean sounds so romantic.   What about this photo for cerulean?   If I were a bird, this would be home.  Sitting on my cerulean porch, looking at the wide blue world.

cerulean 2.JPG

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World challenge!

* We are so cerise if you please…

We are so cerise if you don’t please.   (Shades of Peggy Lee and the evil Siamese duo in “Lady and the Tramp.”)  Cerise, a most underused word, not only sounds lovely, but it has a definite glow to it, reminding me of a cat-o-lantern we saw on Halloween.

cerise 2  cerise 3

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World Challenge.

* Color Your World MONEY, er, caribbean green

caribbean greencaribbean green 2.JPG

I’d love to say I took this photo while snorkeling in the Caribbean, but unfortunately, I was at an oral surgeon’s office.  My dearest teaching widower is spending too much time there.  But I think we’re helping that surgeon buy a yacht for his cruises through the caribbean green Bahamas.

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for the Color Your World challenge!