* Nick Hall in “Mind’s Eye”


The Nick Hall thriller series by Douglas E. Richards is a winner!  But how do I describe this intense page-turner without giving away too much?  I can say that Richards has created a likeable and resilient protagonist who finds his world tipped upside down and turned inside out.  Nick Hall has been through hell and continues to face earthly devils who would destroy him without breaking a sweat.  Nick stumbles his way into relationships with a resourceful woman, the head of a military PsyOps division, and computer geeks.  As he runs for his life, you will be urging him onward, hoping that somehow he’ll stay sane and survive.

Richards has done his homework- and more- on technology, love on the run, and supervillians.  Of course, with his background in microbiology and genetic engineering (with mutant viruses named after him), Richards knows what he is about.  The premise underlying “Mind’s Eye” is quite unusual but compelling.  I never had to suspend disbelief because the characters themselves struggle to believe what’s happening.  As Nick and Megan wind through this labyrinth of suspense, they ask and answer all my questions.  If you love thrillers, if you want to witness a battle with humanity’s destiny at stake, “Mind’s Eye” will satisfy!

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