* Water crisis over!

Whew!  After our city had declared a state of emergency due to a fluoride issue-water main break, we are now back to taking showers and flushing toilets.  How much we take water for granted!  I had to tape off the faucets because I automatically reached for one all the time.  Who knew I washed my hands so much?  What an adventure we had Friday evening with about 25 folks in our home group, sharing toilet tanks that had to be filled by hand.  We resurrected Jerry Brown’s poem (governor of California during a serious water rationing period): Yellow is mellow, brown goes down.

The water crisis was a relatively brief and local one, but tens of thousands of us descended on nearby counties in a desperate hunt for bottled water.  As I waited in line with my own cart packed to the gills with food AND water, I asked a guy in the next line if I could take a photo of what we were all doing: emptying Durham County of its bottled water.


We are blessed and spoiled with our clean running water.  And our electricity and abundance of grocery stores.  And the money to shop.  And the freedom to worship.  Our entitlement goes deep.  I read angry Tweets about living like a third world country.  Oh, the very idea!  Seriously, I have no idea how wretched that would be.  I’m just glad that we had working toilets when the kiddos arrived last night and running water for our Super Bowl event (pun intended).

Now enjoying our blessings and trying to figure out how to store gallons of water….

5 thoughts on “* Water crisis over!

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