* To die or not to die

That is the question you must ask yourself when you watch TV commercials for almost every medication advertised.  But let’s back up.  First, you see lovely people in distress because of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, urinary problems, depression, and whatever.


Then you see what medication can do for these miserable folks.  You will undoubtedly fall in love, have the happiest family ever, and run 20 miles a day without breaking a sweat.


Finally, because the government has ruled that we must know what could REALLY happen if you take those pills, the looong list of warnings is recited calmly as we watch the deliriously medicated folks:

  • fatal allergic reactions
  • heart attacks
  • cancer
  • even greater depression
  • kidney failure
  • liver failure
  • dementia
  • uncontrollable bleeding
  • erections lasting more than 4 hours
  • strokes
  • death
  • death
  • death.

Hmm, I think I might pass on the meds.


12 thoughts on “* To die or not to die

  1. I can’t stand those ads! Scary stuff and you wonder if anyone is brave enough to take a chance. Even if it was prescribed by your Dr. I recently had one like that, and the first warning on the print out with the pills, was this could cause death even with just one dose. What?? I took it anyway, told my husband good bye just in case, but I’m still here, waiting for the aftereffects hahah! I hate taking medicine! 🙂

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  2. I have wondered whether there is such a thing as TV Advertising induced Hypochondria. I gave up on TV years ago, and even when I did watch, when a commercial came on I would either change channels or push the “MUTE” button and pick up a book. I think that if such adds for prescription meds were banned the drug companies could save a great deal of money and perhaps lower their prices a bit. Many are reported to have an advertising budget larger, sometimes much larger, than their R&D budget.

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    • That’s a fascinating thought. The world of advertising is powerful, for sure. I guess they are competing with other companies for the right to maim? I know medications can be lifesaving, but I think I’ll try your MUTE approach! Thanks for sharing.

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