* Winter, southern style

Winter storm Helena is still breathing light snowflakes on us we settle back to survey the “damage.”  Here in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, schools in the area closed early yesterday in anticipation of an afternoon snow event.  I got stuck in the apocalyptic traffic snarls as parents snatched their kids from school and frantically shopped for enough bread and water to feed a Gulag of prisoners.  Why do southern folks eat like prisoners when it snows?  Grocery store shelves remained adequately stocked with everything except those two items.  Well, the sugar snap peas were also gone.  Bummer.  I headed for the chocolate aisle and smiled.  I must be the only one eating chocolate today.


You know that a forecast of a quarter of an inch of snow terrifies folks around here, so imagine our reaction to a potential 6 to 9 inches!  Horror!  The governor’s inaugural event was canceled and streets were brined.  The proactive salting of streets only started in the last decade here.  I’m not sure how effective that measure is, because in our locale, any winter event seems to start with rain, as the temperatures are loathe to drop below freezing.  Even the clouds fight desperately to hold their loads of moisture.  Yesterday they leaked rain and then sleet, possibly washing away all that brine, and it was near midnight when snow forced its way through.

My dearest widower and I stared through the curtains last night as the snow pinwheeled like blossoms under the streetlight.  No way were we getting 6-9 inches.  Maybe 2?  Should I have bought bread and water?  Nah, I ate some chocolate and prayed that no one would lose their power.

Here’s the view from our front porch this morning.  I parked at the edge of the driveway this year, ready to flee, because my dearest widower was in PT for a year after shoveling the driveway in our last icy debacle.

snowday 1.7.2017.JPG

I haven’t ventured onto the snow yet, worried about that treacherous layer of ice under the fluffy snow.  I see that a snowplow has barreled through, ruining a perfectly good sledding hill.  Oh well, you notice that no kids are around?  They’re probably too weak to crawl out; that bread and water diet is a killer.


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