Dash and Dot


Sounds like Morse code, right?  These two robots are waaaaay beyond that (in the photo, Dash is hogging the camera and Dot is waiting for a turn).   Created by Wonder Workshop, these programmable robots are fun for play and teaching kids coding.  Dot is a stationary robot with a multitude of expressions and lights.  One spontaneous phrase of hers is, “I love it when you hold me,” spoken like she really means it.  Dash is a wild one with enough moves to star in a TV talent show.  Both robots interact with their owners (and each other) right off the bat, but they were created to help kids learn programming.  They’re spunky toys, very durable and personable.  Hey, they almost seem ALIVE.

Where do you begin with these fascinating characters?  First, be prepared to fork out serious cash for Dash.  Dash is the more complex of the two robots, with its ability to move around.  Wonder Workshop also sells Dash with an array of accessories, including launchers, Legos, and xylophones.  I think the robots are worth every penny because they are not a one-and-done type of toy.  Kids will continue to enjoy the endless possibilities long after the holiday season or birthday party.

The next step is to load the Wonder Workshop free apps on your  iOS or Android device.  There’s an app for all ages and abilities.  Dot and Dash are toys that will “grow up” along with your kids.  My favorite app is Wonder, for ages 8+.  Here’s a screenshot of all the goodies available (yes, parents may be fighting with their kids to play).  A cool feature is sharing and downloading codes from the Wonder Cloud which the robots will remember after you turn off the app.  The Scroll Quest teaches kids coding with all kinds of advanced techniques/conditions.

Wonder screenshot.PNG

These robots may be the first step of a child’s future career in technology.  They are designed for kids, but you can enjoy the fun together.  In fact, your kiddo will probably drive Dash into your ankles if you don’t pay attention to their latest trick!

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