* Rising to new lows

What have I been up to these days?  It’s been a l-o-n-g week and today is only Hump Day!

Monday I started my week in bumpy fashion.  I overslept because I’d set my alarm for PM, not AM, so I missed a session with a student.  Then I decided that I should take a double dose of this supplement called Cordyceps to improve my immune system, kidney function, and memory.  Sadly, I was unaware that it also knocks down blood sugar levels, so I couldn’t think straight at all!  I left my lunch at home, which didn’t help my blood sugar one bit.

I tutored another nephew on Monday evening; by the time I got home around 9, with my blood sugar having turned to salt, my dearest teaching widower started passing me chocolate.

Tuesday, because I STILL hadn’t realized what was happening with Cordyceps, I went to work without my key tools of the trade (all things vital to my lesson plans).  My dearest widower drove the needed stuff over just in the nick of time.  Later that night, I typed his latest training project.  My goal was to be as sweet and helpful as he had been, but doubling the Cordyceps continued to plague me.  I became Snake Woman after a few drafts of the project and my dear widower retreated upstairs.

Today, oh today, was very difficult, but not because of the supplement (a helpful nurse got me back on track).  Instead, I attended an extremely painful IEP meeting.  At one point, I had to force back tears as I begged for services for a child.  My heart still aches for the child and family, but I trust that God has it all in hand.

Laugh of the day?  I am officially on snow watch until March but that’s the serious part. Siri and I may both be on Cordyceps!  Can you catch her glitch from this screenshot?



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