* Sharing my world- please bear with me

I love this week’s Share Your World challenge from Cee.  Her questions came from neighborhood kids, via The Happy Quitter (who successfully quit smoking- yea!).

Why did you start blogging?  I have a friend who started blogging a year before I finally jumped into the deep end.  I loved reading her posts because it felt like we were talking.  She’s my inspiration for many things, including this blog!  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

A piece of clothing you still remember?   I remember many of my dresses, undies, socks, and shoes from an early age, probably because of yucky memories associated with them.  I did enjoy wearing the same dresses as my sister when my mother sewed some of our clothes.

Who are you trying to reach with your blog?  I am a special ed teacher, first and foremost, so I hope my blog is helpful to parents and teachers of kids with special needs.  Since I discovered Cee’s site, I am a wannabe photographer with an iPhone.  With Suzi’s kind advice, I have also shared more of my personal life and faith.

Is there a stuffed animal in your bedroom?  There are 5 bear beauties in my bedroom, three of them Bed Bears and two Travel Bears.  There are bears in most of the rooms downstairs, but they often gather in the living room to chat.  And watch movies.

The bears.JPG

The best birthday present ever?  On my 39th birthday, the first birthday after I was born again, a friend gave me a painting of a little girl kneeling by her bed in prayer, with Jesus standing behind her. I never knew he was there, all those years ago.  I thought God was either a hateful and dangerous character or a powerless wimp.  Now I understand and can answer the question, “Why do terrible things happen to people?  Where is God when those things happen?”

What would surprise me about you?   To quote a friend, I am “an ambi-vert.”  I am equal parts introvert and extrovert.  On top of my social skill deficits, this makes me feel both energized and enervated.  I love to speak in public and hang out with groups of ladies or kiddos, but sometimes I feel that I’ll go nuts if I can’t be alone to recharge.

To answer Cee’s bonus question, I am grateful to be off antibiotics once again but even more grateful that my one-and-only antibiotic is still effective.  Oh my.  I look forward to a special trip with our son and his wife in the near future.

6 thoughts on “* Sharing my world- please bear with me

  1. I commend you for being a teacher for special needs kids. Have you read any books by Tory Haden? She taught for many years, and writes of her experiences. …I think your bears are so cute! … Stay safe if the hurricane gets near by your place! xo

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    • I think I have read some of her works. Sounds very familiar. My bears think they are adorable, too! It looks like Matthew will veer away from our coast. Those poor people in Haiti. Can you imagine having a massive hurricane on top of all that poverty and weak infrastructure?

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