* Gas pains

Not the digestive sort!  The back-to-the -70’s part where people become frenzied monsters at gas stations.  My dearest teaching widower and I have been unable to find an open gas station in our town for the past few days.

gas pumps.JPG

As much of an inconvenience as that is, imagine the folks in Alabama with 252,000+ gallons of refined gasoline seeping through the ground.  I don’t know what caused the pipeline to break (a major artery of gas to the south and mid-Atlantic US), but I hope we find out.  It’s not like a plumbing leak, folks.   We’re talking poison in the ground.

I gave away my bike after my last concussion and our bus service is pitiful (but free!).  Unless I want to walk to school, which would take me hours and require sprints across bypasses, I sure hope we start getting some gasoline soon.


8 thoughts on “* Gas pains

  1. It does seem that in recent years the operators of our pipelines have had problems resulting from poor maintenance and aging pipes. It is a very vulnerable system. It is also interesting that there has been no reporting on what has become of all that spilled gasoline.

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