* Three Things from NitB

NitB??  That’s Nerd in the Brain, who challenges us to celebrate the good stuff on Thursday and everyday!  Her Three Things Thursday post has beaver toothprints and other found treasures.  Be sure to take a peek!

While I’ve been recovering from medical adventures, the deer have continued to ransack everything except this bush.  And look what I saw!

As I admired these butterflies, a hummingbird came to eat, apparently unconcerned about my presence.  Wow!   My phone camera is too slow, but if you look in the center below, you’ll see a green blur of a gorgeous bird.


Thankfully, I looked down and spotted some lowly slugs, seemingly unprotected.  It’s good that deer are herbivores- and that I was watching where I stepped!


What a beautiful creation we enjoy!


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