* Today is milk chocolate day


Today is milk chocolate day!  (Thanks, Jennifer, for leading me to this challenge!)  But let’s not limit ourselves to ONE day.  There are many milk chocolate days to remember….

  • Kiddos were thrilled, even stunned, when chocolate milk appeared in school cafeterias for the first time.  Yes, I am old enough to remember the event.  Glorious day.
  • Back in the day, there was no cafeteria at the school my sister and I attended (in England).  We’d trek home for lunch and snatch up the bob (shilling) our grandmother always left us, dashing to the sweet shop with renewed energy.  My favorite was the Toffee Cup, a now-extinct brand of heaven.  It was shaped kinda like a miniature barbell, wrapped in golden foil which was always sticky from leaking toffee.  Perhaps that’s why it was discontinued.  Oh, how I wish I’d taken a picture of that heavenly treat!  At least Flake bars are still available!
Flake bar.JPG

Buy yours from The British Shoppe

  • After a childhood spent gorging myself on chocolate, I developed a chocolate allergy!  I couldn’t eat as much as a single chocolate chip without feeling like I’d swallowed glass.  This went on for decades and I had resigned myself to a life of suffering with white chocolate, which isn’t chocolate at all.  Then we had a healing service at church and the visiting pastor called up all folks with food allergies.  People who were allergic to eggs, milk, and other basic items lined up in front.  My dearest widower nudged me, but I remained planted in my seat.  How embarrassing to ask for healing from something as trivial as chocolate!  But my dearest widower gave me a stronger nudge (more like a hefty shove, dear husband) and I found myself in the line.  When the pastor asked what I was allergic to, my face turned red and I mumbled “choccchoccclatttt.”  Of course, he asked me to repeat that, which made the entire congregation laugh.  My heart sank, but he also laughed and said, “Oh my!  Chocolate is from heaven!”  (A man after my own heart.)  Here’s the thing: After we prayed, I was healed!  On the way home, my widower and I bought a huge chocolate cake and I scarfed down at least half of it.  And now I eat chocolate every day, because God must think chocolate is heavenly, as well.  Or perhaps He just loves me a whole bunch.  Even more than chocolate??  Oh happy day!



8 thoughts on “* Today is milk chocolate day

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  2. Those flake bars look delicious. We don’t have them in the US, that I know of. I’ll have to check the british section of the grocery store lol. Glad you don’t have a chocolate allergy anymore! That’s no fun at all. Thanks for sharing your today is!

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