* When you get a kidney infection…

Urine trouble!  Yes, indeed.

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It’s bean 5 days since I could concentrate enough to write.  The irony is that I was chatting about chronic kidney disease (CKD) on my last Three Things Thursday, not realizing that the beast was already attacking me again!  My doctor said, “Rest or you’ll end up in the hospital.”  I tried a compromise and what do you know?  He’s a smart man.  I’m on the couch, waiting for Godot.  I mean, healing.

Today I found a website called Kidney Buzz for folks with chronic kidney disease. They have a “page” devoted to kidney jokes and there are only five.  Perhaps CKD is no laughing matter.  Here’s one of them.

A man enters the doctor’s office and walks up to the receptionist, who inquires, “May I help you?” 

“Yes,” he answered, “I have shingles.” 

The receptionist replied, “Just take a seat.  Someone will be with you in a moment.” 

After sitting for nearly a half hour, a nurse emerged and directed the man, “Come with me.”  She escorted him to a room, and once again asked why he was there. 

“I have shingles” he replied. 

Her reply was, “The doctor only has 3 more patients, then he will be in to talk with you.”  

The nurse left and the physician came in after about another half hour.  He also asked, “What brings you here today?” 

Frustrated, the man answered, “I have shingles.” 

The doctor motioned for the man to sit on the examination table and inquired, “Where are the shingles?”

The man almost yelled,  “They are in the back of my truck!  Do you want me to start on the roofing now or are you going to make me wait some more?”

Joking aside, I probably won’t be posting for a while.  Send chocolate, not flowers.

10 thoughts on “* When you get a kidney infection…

  1. You never cease to amaze. Even with the world’s worst pain – kidney pain is howling level pain – you manage to crack some jokes and make light! I don’t know how. You are my role model. Just please rest or urine trouble!

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  2. I know this is rather delayed… but they say rest… kidney infection and rest… no chance couch…..toilet…couch…toilet…toilet…couch… food..toilet. well I’m sure you know. but it’s really not easy to rest haha

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