* Three Things Thursday

Many thanks to Nerd in the Brain for this inspiration to think of three things for which I’m thankful.  She has had a very coooool week so I am thinking BIG.

Mystery of the day: Who left their prints on our trashcan?

A thunderstorm was ready to unleash a torrent of rain so I had just a few seconds to snap these shots before they were washed off.  At first I thought they were from a raccoon, but they do look very catlike.  I’m guessing a puma, at least.  How very cool to have wild wildlife up close and personal.

Food for thought: Is it possible to buy too much chocolate?

Dove 2.JPG

Never!  What if we have an unexpected snowstorm and can’t get to the grocery store?  What if we are attacked by pumas?

Fascinating question:  Do UFOs really exist?  I was privileged to “spot” this unusual blob hovering in my terrific cumulonimbus photo.  I wasn’t even abducted, for which I’m VERY grateful.  Oh wait, perhaps that’s the spot where a dump truck whacked the windshield with two large stones.  The spot is growing, so I may have an opportunity to explore our insurance options.  And my dearest teaching widower doesn’t know I took a photo while driving!  He probably won’t read this post because he’s watching a movie!  And I could say that a puma caused me to swerve!  It just keeps getting better and better!


I hope your Thursday has been as good to you as mine has!  And no, you can never use too many exclamation points!



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