* Room Recess: Playing and learning

Room recess

Wow.  I just discovered Room Recess!  What a gem of a site!  Room Recess is the brainchild of a single teacher who creates an amazing array of reading, math, spelling, and “computer lab” games.  It’s FREE and tremendously engaging.  Most importantly, the skill practice is high quality.  I have never seen so many excellent games on main idea, cause and effect, and inferences.  Those are always difficult skills to find online and Recess Room provides a treasure trove of excellent practice.   Other unique literacy skills include practice on prefixes, parts of speech, and vowel sounds.

If your students enjoy video and computer games, they will dive into this site with glee.  In fact, kids may not realize they are working!  The site is divided into academic categories, with specific skills listed by topic and/or grade level.  Room Recess games are typically timed or leveled, with some opportunities to regain lives.  The daily high scores are listed, along with first through fifth place winners.  Even for kids who cringe at timed activities, there are plenty of games that require more strategy than speed.  Again, I can’t say enough about the variety and quality of this resource.  The creator also encourages educators to suggest topics for games.

Can you believe this site is AD-FREE???


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