* Funology rocks!

If you haven’t yet visited Funology, you’re in for all sorts of terrific fun!  From science to cooking to arts and crafts projects, Funology specializes in family-friendly activities useful for parents and teachers.  You can improve your special needs kid’s social credit by helping them learning jokes and a range of fun and simple magic tricks.  For those with interests in all sorts of trivia, Funology has interesting trivia on animals, world records, records, insects, language, and more.

I’ve already described the advantages of using special interests in science to provide leadership opportunities in the classroom.  Funology features DIY science experiments in biology, chemistry, physics and weather.

Other applications for this site?  I use their magic tricks and science activities to prompt writing, provide brain breaks, encourage math problem solving, and generally add interest to more skill-based instruction.  Parents looking for nonelectronic games?  Funology has an entire section devoted to super indoor and outdoor games.

The site is attractive, well-organized (created by Big Fish Design), and even features another blog for you to check out!   Funology Dad is smart enough to record all those funny things that kids say.  His own youngsters are a riot.

Let me know if you find other ways to enjoy Funology!

playing cards 2

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